Favorite pics from Friday fo Anime USA part 2

(because having one post was clearly not enough)

If you or someone you know is in this picture, please let me know so I can give credit and stuff haha

Togami: maid-togami

The Homura is me~ (:

the world is ever changing… for the fifteenth coming.


Nanako and Loveline cosplay’s from Persona 4. Photographed at Otakon 2013.

Ahhh I had so much fun working at this shoot!

Loveline!Nanako is Mew Mew Cosplay
Nanako is Jo Bevvy (me!)

b o y s  o f 
f r e e !

Once upon a time, in a faraway land. There was a tiny village by the name of Kamiki. Legend tells of a horrible beast that threatened the residents. It also tells of the wolf that risked it all to protect them. Controlling the very fabric of existence, this wolf stood up against a beast many times its size and banished the darkness. This ethereal wolf’s valiant act ushered in an era of tranquility. The villagers’ hearts swelled with respect and adoration of the wolf.

They were all handpicked by Corporal Levi himself.







I would like to think that they all have/will call Makoto “mom” at some point in their lives.